Announcing our $32 million Series A to build autopilot for high-frequency decisions

I’m thrilled to announce our $32 MM Series A today, led by Initialized and Goldcrest Capital. We’re also excited to bring aboard Founders Fund, Flexport, Michael Seibel, Peter Thiel and General David Petraeus, among other incredible investors.

We built Arena to help global organizations operate better by automating frequent, critical path decisions that are the quiet backbone of the world economy—from pricing and inventory management to manufacturing quality assurance, and we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible.

Our name, Arena, is inspired by Theodore Roosevelt’s ‘Citizenship in a Republic’ speech. It reminds us everyday to show up in the arena, to stand alongside those who “actually strive to do the deeds,” those brave enough to put themselves before the world in pursuit of something audacious.

If you are curious about what Arena can do for your organization, please get in touch. And if what we are building speaks to you, or if you are simply intrigued about careers at Arena, let’s chat.

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